Listen to Your Inner Voice


Believe it or not but you were born with an intuition that comes in the form of a little voice from within.  Many call this your conscience, some call it your inner guidance system, but it is what you need to listen to it and discern to make a good judgement call if you act against it.

Of course it isn’t easy to listen to that inner voice because it often tells you all sorts of things that confuse you rather than clear your brain for single-minded action. In fact our mind talk can be super destructive. We evaluate what we think has happened to us and we put our own spin onto it.

It means we often go off on a tangent because of our misconceptions. When this happens to us we wonder whether we should ever listen to that inner voice. It’s been wrong so often. But it is not the voice that tells us how bad we are doing, or how dreadful life is, or how awful people are towards us that is your inner guidance system.

The self talk you hear every day is just your reactions to external happenings in life. You wonder whether the person who just rudely bumped into you had it in for you. They might not have seen you at all, maybe it was an accident. Your inner voice has a whole different story attached to that occurrence.

You think that you are having an unlucky day because you missed every train and bus and got to work late. You forgot you got up half an hour late because you overslept. These are all reactions you have to what happens in your life on a daily basis. Our self talk is sometimes so loud we can’t hear anything else anymore.

When your inner guidance kicks in is when your instinct tells you to take an option over another, just because you feel it is the right choice. It doesn’t come because you imagine your mother telling you what to do, or because you think you can’t do anything else and therefore have no choice.

Your inner guidance system is also what warns you that you are not living your life according to your life’s purpose. It constantly gives off a warning signal. That could be just a feeling of unease to a full throttle, braking sound.

Have you ever had a warning signal go off for you? A feeling of uneasiness comes about if your job isn’t quite the right thing and you are not sure whether you shouldn’t think of changing the company you are working for.

Your inner guidance or inner voice system can pass on many signals without you understanding them. Mostly you miss the message because you are not aware that what your life is like is not according to your true inner purpose.

When you find your inner purpose and start to follow it you will be amazed at how differently you feel, how ready you are to embrace all of your life’s ups and downs. It’s all a breeze.

When you’re not on purpose then everything becomes an issue. This is especially true the older you get. You find that you are less able to cope with the hurdles life throws in your way.

Usually, you will find that when you listen to that inner voice within, it’s usually right more times than it is wrong.  You can also find your life meaning by exploring what it is that you were really meant to do through your intuitions. If you enjoyed this post, let’s discuss.  Post a comment below.

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  • This information is sooooo true. When your life is going against the purposed path, there is much resistance. It’s up to us to pay attention to our inner voices so that we may be led to our destiny. I try my best to listen to my inner voice, but I do question if I sometimes continue on a certain path because it’s what I want.

  • Dwight Anthony

    Thanks Patrenia for the feedback. You hit the nail on the head. How many times do we all wish that we were able to go back and listen to that little inner guidance voice when we clearly made mistakes. This inner guidance system is simply amazing when we finally get in tune with it and make it an integral part of our life.