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It’s recently come to my attention a while back that most people just coast through life just “trying to make a living”.


I’m also aware of the fact that life can be like a puff of smoke in the whole scheme of things.  I expose this truth not to make you feel depressed, but instead to offer a real wake up call to you.


Life can be what we make of it and it all comes down to our belief systems and how we link what’s called our neurolinguistic associations to pleasure and pain.  I once heard Anthony Robbins once say that we all react to things in life based  on how much pleasure and pain we associate with that action. 


For example, if you hate to be in a large crowd of people, it’s because some time ago, your brain linked more pain to being in a large crowd than pleasure.  Changing your association to this and other phenomena will only make you a stronger person.


So, this could be why most people end up living a very unfulfilling life.  Like Seth Godin calls Living a Life of Mediocrity.  I’m here to expose that we are all here to live a life of abundance and fulfilment.


Frankly, if you believe you are a failure of a success, guess what – You’re absolutely right!  It’s time to change your way of thinking and your belief system to begin supporting all that you do.


For this reason alone, doesn’t it make more sense to find you calling and life purpose?


Most people’s life can be summed up as working from early till knock off time, spending a little time with the family and watching TV till time to go to bed.  Then start all over again.

Einstein’s definition of Insanity is to do the same things over and over again and expecting different results.  This is how the majority of the world goes through life.  I’m here to challenge the status quo and ask what could be done differently in your life to give you an edge. Here’s the kicker, “You already know what you should doing in life, but you aren’t taking the necessary actions to get you there.

I want to send out a challenge to you to get out of your comfort zone and instead start looking at how you can grow in your life and what could give you more lasting fulfilment. It’s not an easy road, but the most fulfilled people on the planet didn’t travel the easy road.  Either they or their descendants before them took massive action and attracted a life worth living.

As you go about your day this week, I want to challenge you to take a few steps toward the kind of life worth living. Want to share on this? Please comment below and share this post through social media (Facebook e.t.c.) and help others as well !

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  • Lisa O

    I definitely will be looking into neurolinguistic associations to pleasure and pain. It is not a concept I have heard before.I would be interested to hear what steps you recommend for making your life the one that you want.