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Are you a Millionaire Magnet? Are you a magnet for money period? A good benchmark of being rich is to still shoot for the million dollar mark. Some people don’t understand that it’s a mindset that will get you there instead of just saving your money. If you don’t have the required mindset for money, doesn’t matter if you have one hundred dollars or one million, you will find a way to burn through it. Having said that, how many wealthy people that you know out there basically started from basically nothing to building an empire worth millions? It’s usually because those persons actually determined in their hearts and mind that they would make themselves successful. When you have the right mindset, anything is possible.

Repeat Power Phrases
One of the best ways that I know how strengthening and enforcing your Millionaire Magnet mindset is to repeat key phrases daily, over and over. Repeat phrases such as “My Mind is a Magnet for Millions” or “I have a Millionaire Mind”. These are both good phrases to repeat when you are in a conscious and lucid state. Your mind will start to invoke your subconscious and your subconscious will without you even realize it, work towards your goals. This is the deepest part of thought and one of the most unexplained, but just know that it works.

Meditate and Visualize your Outcome
You should also meditate and visualize your outcome. If you are living below your potential now, see yourself as highly successful with a lot of life freedom and maybe living the financially free lifestyle. Your mind is like a supercomputer or even better a DVD player that plays the future. Do you realize there is no man made machine that can do this? Here is an example, sit and relax and close your eyes, visualize and perceive yourself on a beach in Maui on a six week hiatus in the year 2012. I bet in your minds eye, it feels real and perceived as real and you can even touch and smell things around you. That’s the power of your mind.

Practice makes Perfect
To become proficient at becoming a money magnet or even a millionaire magnet, you have to be good with money. You must respect the power of money and what it can help you accomplish in your life. Remember, money is just a tool that you need to get you from A to B. It can move you from being dirt broke to millionaire status, so you need to respect money. You also need a healthy relationship with money. Those that get thrown in jail and so forth for illegal mischief is because they had a very unhealthy relationship with money. This is usually good old fashioned GREED. You must understand that becoming a better money manager, a philanthropist and so on just makes your relationship with money that much better. Remember, no one can help others financially (charity and so forth) before helping himself as well.

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