Mr. Time Manager

So, just who is Mr. Time Manager or Ms. Time Manager?  Well, it could be you if you play your cards right and get organized.  Want to put yourself and a billionaire on the same level playing field and being equals?  Easy, simply understand that you both only have 24 hrs. in a day, nothing more, nothing less. It is with this understanding, that we grasp the concept that Time is one of our most valuable resources that we have.  Nothing makes a better and improved version of yourself than when you “make every minute count”.  It’s just that important to squeeze out the most sensational and ambitious use of our time to be as effective as possible.

Learn how to Time Manage

How many of us sit around watching hours and hours of tv or play video games all day or shop till we can hardly stand?  Quite a bit of us.  I am here to tell you the truth, it is not an effective use of your time.  For example, everything you do you should have focus and commitment planned to everything you do.  You must also want to do these things as opposed to need.  Mini-schedule everything.  For example, if you need to watch tv, limit yourself to maybe a few hours and the remaining hours you would normally watch tv, read a personal development book or get yourself in the music mood by listening to your favorite tunes, but for Pete’s sake, do something constructive.  There is nothing so mind numbing as doing absolutely nothing and putting your brain in passive mode by watching too much tv, gossiping, video game marathons and the like.  If you don’t know how to make an effective use of your time, for goodness sake, take a time management course because you obviously need one.  This will help you eliminate large time gaps of doing “nothing” and actually make you more productive.

Success is a by-product of Effective use of Time

I also should not have to tell you that if you live your life with some passion for learning and self development, that you will become successful in almost all avenues of your life quicker than you ever thought. Effective use of your time, means you don’t live your life with regrets looking back and saying, “boy, I wish I really tried to accomplish that when I was younger”.  You will become a student of learning and growing as an individual as you show more and more perseverance of actually becoming an effective time manager.  It is truly one of the areas that we can all become a manager in.  You must realize that you were put on the earth for at least some purpose, don’t just merely exist.

By really working on your time management skills, you will notice that you will have a lot more personal, family, recreational and productive time available because you are more organized in your approach.  By becoming better time managers we are helping others around us become more organized as well.  A good example of time management goals might be that you eventually want to be free of all bad debts (financially free).  As part of your Time management goals, you might have some time management type skills for the month where you actually work on eliminating your debts by paying extra on your due loans every month.  So, please friend, take not this skill set for granted, but instead hone it like a sharp sword in your personal development quest.

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