The Greatest Investment I’ve Ever Made…


I would like to go ahead and share with you what i’ve been reflecting on lately and it really hit me like a brick to the head on what I consider to be my best investment.  No, it’s definitely what most financial gurus might lead you to believe, but it really should be an imperative part of your wealth building strategy.

It’s usually responsible for making or breaking those that are inspiring millionaires or even those that have already made that status.  It was an epiphany that I had a few years back and it hit home fast. 
I, like countless of other people, was a hard worker that tried to nickel and dime to save wealth the old fashioned way.  The problem being that I wasn’t also in the best health when chasing my financial dreams. For my height, I was really overweight, did little exercise, and sat in front of the dummy tube (see TV, The Time Sucker).  Eating a lot of my worries away, with no real energy, what felt like no prospects for my immediate future.

It was then that I decided to pull myself up by ‘the bootstraps’ and get going.  I started getting on the hamster wheel, started exercising more and cut out most junk food and self sabotaging habits like sitting in front of the tv eating for hours.  This is when I got the actual epiphany:


Taking Care of YOUR HEALTH is YOUR Ultimate Wealth!

This is why I realized that companies all over the world spend billions annually on high health insurance premiums, attempt to correct with exercise / lifestyle incentives and generally high deductibles.

Sedentary and bad health and exercise habits are also contributing to a more obese and out of shape population leading to skyrocketing health care and medical expenses!

What could be more of a detriment to your health than this?  This is why you’ve got to realize without your health, you have no real wealth.  What good does it do someone to gain everything financially, yet can’t properly enjoy it if they are sick all the time or generally stricken with a debilitating disorder that could have been avoided.

Benefits of Exercise and Protecting Your Health

 ·        Better physical shape

·         More Energy

·         Exercise helps control your weight

·         You’re generally in a better mood

·         Less Medical problems

·         Helps combat health issues and diseases

·         Usually end up eating healthier

·         More active lifestyle

·         Health and Wealth go hand in hand

·         Can end up being fun and an incentive for healthier lifestyle

·         Promotes a much better sleep cycle


Like I said, I figured this out long ago and not only do I talk the talk, but I take action and work on health through exercise and better lifestyle habits.

I also set better and achievable, short term and long term Health Goals.  This is exciting stuff when you put your mind to it.  Nothing will do you better in the long run than getting off the couch and getting active and start seeing results.

I know it’s not the most popular thing to do these days with all the distractions and commitments that most people have to deal with, but it’s downright necessary to enjoying life a little more.

So, really, get up, get physical and take action.


That brings me to another somber point, if you’ve read the news or even watched it on tv and according to various sources, there could be 40 million users without personal health insurance in the U.S. alone!


This is a staggering statistic and one that you need not be a part of.  With the advent of the internet and driving costs down, health insurance can be very affordable as part of your monthly budget.  It’s in your best interest if you don’t have health insurance to cut out unnecessary frills such as cable tv, big cell phone plans and the like if you’ve said in the past that you couldn’t afford health insurance.

It’s really a must and you’ll sleep better at night too.  So, really concentrate on taking care your health as it will keep your financial self worth in check.


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  • Lisa O

    I think more people would take better care of themselves if they thought of their health as a financial asset! Great post.

  • rlerich

    You are absolutely right – your health is one of your biggest assets. Not only for yourself, but for society at large. I currently work in healthcare and it’s anticipated that nearly 90% of healthcare costs are caused by 1% of Americans. In other words, if we, as a society, remained healthier, we would all have lower taxes.