What’s on My IPOD Playlist….When I’m Jogging

ipod-playlistEveryone that works out, does some sort of exercise or just plans to get fit or stay fit needs some sort of kick in the pants. 

A form of self motivation or even some ambition is required to kick yourself into high gear and get the ball rolling. 

For some people, that may require meditation, for others it may be getting into some sort of pre-exercise ritual.  For me, I get my most ambition and pumped up to exercise with some of my favourite tunes.  I have my playlists all organized on my IPOD and ready to go at a moment.

I felt I’d just share one of them that I use for getting out for a quick or medium distance jog.  Fresh off my ‘Greatest Investment I’ve Ever Made‘ post, I felt it was really fitting and hope that it will inspire you to stay active as well.  So, without further adieu, here’s my current jog playlist below.

Now that you’ve got some inspiration, don the sweats, lace up the old running shoes and get out there.  If you get one step out the front door, I promise the rest will follow.  Hopefully, you’ll thank me for helping you get in gear vs. eating that full bag of Chips and latest tv marathon re-run.

Want to share on this? Please comment below and share this post through social media (Facebook e.t.c.) and help others as well !  I’d be interested in what you listen to in terms of music if you have your own playlists.

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