Procrastinate No More!

This post is very self explanatory, but it is crucial if you want to get those ambitious tasks completed that you know you have been putting off forever.  Time waits for no one and it’s the only constant that we all have an equal amount of.  I picked this as a post because of things I have put off in my own life and working on tackling myself.  I estimate if the world as a whole actually did those productive things they know they have been putting off, those person’s would become at least 50% more productive in their own life and live a life of fulfillment.  Those that you see that are living the lifestyle that you seek and have the level of Financial Freedom that you desire, are usually what we describe as go-getters.  In that, they are people that get the most important things completed.


Know what to Focus your Energy on

Now that we have covered the fact that you need to stop procrastinating, you may also wish to focus your energy on those things that will bring you the best results.  For example, focusing your energy on getting that new PSP 3 game so that you can play it all day is not a productive or wise use of your time.  In contrast, Networking with the Marketing Executive of a major firm is a valuable use of your time that may reap handsome rewards.  You need to know where to pinpoint your efforts and then gravitate towards those tasks.  The other tasks that you determine to be a non-productive or idle use of your time should be avoided and even eliminated.


Take Quick Steps

Once you have identified those things that will bring you greater satisfaction or will make you rich one day, take quick action on these items.  Break down the steps so that they aren’t so cumbersome and overwhelming to completing.  If you focus your energy and productivity to accomplish these tasks, you may be amazed at what you see actually transpiring throughout your life.  The Law of Attraction likes those people that take quick action in attracting those things most beneficial to them. It’s as real as Murphy’s law, where anything that could go wrong, will go wrong.  These are a few of the universal laws that you must master and understand to make the best of your situation. 



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