The best way to become as productive as possible is to actually recharge yourself often. Think about it, if you used one of your electronics and you didn’t recharge the batteries every time it needed it, would you expect that electronic equipment to power up? Of course not. However, many do this daily. They run around like crazy getting this done and getting that done and before they know it they are drained. That’s why those that constantly recharge their vigor are a lot more productive, ecstatic and hopeful in their lives.

Learn to Relax and Wind Down
One of the biggest issues with people becoming drained and burnt out has to do with not being able to turn themselves off and put themselves in a relaxing state. You should have no distractions around you as well. Better to use this time meditating on what you want to accomplish in the near future than become entrapped with distractions all around you.

Use the Power of Music

Nothing will get you in a recharging state faster than say some of your most soothing music. Again, this should be something of a soothing yet inspiring nature. Not a good idea to be playing Nirvana’s “Smells like Teen Spirit” or similar. Play music with a purpose to get you in the right state of mind. Good choices are meditation music, soothing music without lyrics, classical music, light jazz and the list goes on.

Get Adequate Sleep
One of the best ways of recharging Body and Mind is to definitely get at least 8 – 8.5 Hrs. of sleep per night. I know some people are already saying that they are lucky to get 6 hours of sleep. You need to start making this a priority. Cut out an extra hour or two of TV at night, put the kids to bed earlier, go to sleep earlier. There’s always a way of improvement to get better sleep if you look hard enough.

Discipline your Mind

It is important that while you are in this state of recharging that you also program your mind for positive thought while you are actually relaxed. Use this time to program positive affirmations deep in your subconscious so that it can be recalled later. A good example would be saying “My Mind is a magnet for knowledge” and other related affirmations.

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