A New Year Upon Us: Reflecting on 2010


Well, we’ve come down to the end of another year and if you’re like me, can feel the winds of change coming with another New Year in the making.  Yes, believe it or not, 2011 is much closer than most of us think.  We’ll have time for the holidays and then after that the dawning of something new in the New Year.

Many people will be sad to know that another year has come and gone and they are getting a little older, many will welcome the change due to another year coming.  Whatever boat you are in, it really doesn’t matter too much, but it does matter that we reflect on the life we lived in 2010.  Was it a good year or a bad one?  It’s all just perspective really.  For every person that had a ‘really bad year’, there were others that absolutely had a phenomenal one.

I encourage you to take a glimpse back for what was a very eventful 2010.  What could you take from this year?  Were there lessons learned?  Maybe a new job or a new child came into the picture?  How have the hardships been?  We’re in a Recession, but was it bearable or unbearable?  Business Boomed this year or did you lose everything you had?  I advise you to come up with a very detailed list of your personal reflections of 2010 of what may have happened in your own life.  Why do this?  It’s a type of cleansing and meditative exercise.  Not only that but you can start the New Year fresh with lessons learned in 2010.  A new beginning and a simple fresh outlook of ideas and new inspiration to gather from.

Big ‘Not So Great’ Events in 2010

Like it or not, but it’s imperative that we take a look at what was significant in 2010, here is but just a small but notable list:

  • President Obama helps reform Health Care in the U.S.
  • Haiti is ravished by a huge Earthquake
  • The BP Oil Rig explodes off the coast of Louisiana causing one of the biggest oil spills in U.S. History.
  • Still in the Biggest Recession since the Great Depression
  • The North vs. South Korea War rhetoric and tensions


Actual Good News of 2010

Likewise, we had some fairly good mentions in 2010 as well; these are again, just a few:

  • A successful meeting of the G20 Nation Leaders as an economic boost
  • Republicans made almost a clean sweep of the Elections in the U.S. (ok, I admit this isn’t good news to all and I’m neutral on the topic)
  • South Africa Hosts the World Cup as the first African nation to do so.  Spain walks away with the honors and most prestige cup of the tournament.
  • Recession Recovery positivity.  Yes, the Recession is not over by a long shot but there are very good indicators that the world’s economy may be on a very slow rebound.


 Ever notice how the bad news absolutely takes over anything good?  It’s one reason I can’t say I watch the news.  On the recession, you can take the sides of millions that say recession this, recession that.  I personally choose not to participate but instead work on my own micro-economy around me.  Take note, they were more millionaires as well as billionaires made during the Great Depression than you could count.  It’s all about perspective and taking advantage of opportunities. 

So, what’s your plans for the New Year?  Are you going to just set a new bunch of verbal New Year’s resolutions in your mind or will you really start to set concrete and achievable goals for yourself and your family this coming year? 

 Yeah, do the second option above and set goals, that is a better, more meaningful plan.

 By now, you should be taking a little more stock and personal reflection of 2010 and the soon to be 2011 New Year. 


Wishing you Happy Holidays for the remainder of 2010

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  • Dwight

    I often take this time of year to plan the next year ahead…as many do.

    I do my best to paint the picture of what I want this time next year to look like and then work backwards. It sometimes works!


  • Thanks for you crystal clear response Andrew. I usually reflect just before the New Year and add to and revise my goals from the current year carrying on to the next. Seems to work much better than setting resolutions that you forget within a few weeks.

    Dwight Anthony
    Financially Elite Blog