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reward yourself

There are so many people today that really adhere to the discipline of building their financial wealth taking it one step at a time and seeing results.  However, they are many out there that believe you just save, save, save and live a frugal lifestyle and making nothing but sacrifices financially.  If you are one these people, I say to just get ready to stop the madness. 

Today, I will be revisiting why it is so important to reward yourself and why rewarding yourself actually helps you to prosper even more.   Yes, it is important to definitely live below your means, but is also paramount to have a proper reward system in place that actually helps emphasize and confirm that you are doing a good job financially and through other means.

Rewards Help Build Your Motivation Levels

It’s been proven that when people feel better about themselves in performing and accomplishing certain tasks, they will be motivated and enthusiastic to continue doing them.  Take this quote for example, “Effort only fully releases its reward after a person refuses to quit.” – Napolean Hill.  As you can see, good effort in seeing a results in doing something should definitely be rewarded. 

Reward Every Accomplishment

You should reward yourself for absolutely everything you do.  Even small accomplishments should be rewarded.  You have an internal reward system that if you don’t reward yourself externally at times, will cause you to sabotage your efforts.  When this happens, you can easily become discouraged leading to diminish or even stop the things that you have worked so hard to accomplish.  So reward yourself and do it often as you start seeing results for everything you do.

How to Reward Yourself

I consider the following principles a way of rewarding yourself while still keeping yourself in check.  In fact, there are many out there rewarding themselves all the time by abusing drugs, getting drunk and stupid, or having no regard for themselves.  This is not the party type of rewards that you need to indulge in.  Your rewards should be congruent with what you have accomplished in any way or form. 

For instance, you may have just worked hard and got a two-fold promotion at work.  A good reward system would be to take your significant other out for a night on the town, buy yourself something nice (but can afford) or even go to an amusement park or similar.  These are just a few ways of keeping yourself in check and even more importantly, start feeling good about the things you do.

My Perfect Example of a Reward System

Recently, I celebrated a birthday and for that birthday alone, could give rise to occasion for rewarding yourself. In digging further, I also found that my net worth has increased by about 11% over the same period in time from last year.  Something to definitely go ahead and plan out and reward myself for – wouldn’t you agree?  It’s the little things that matter and this was even bigger than that.

Here’s my breakdown of what I decided to do to reward myself for that day:

  • Take a day out for myself and concentrate on me.  This is paramount as you can only help others when you feel good about your own life.
  • Decided on a day at the beach.  Wasn’t sure on what to do yet.
  • I ended up renting a jet ski for an hour and went crazy.
  • An Expensive beverage of my choice.
  • Dinner at a fancy Italian joint.


As you can possibly imagine from above, I ended up having a blast while at the same time reminding myself the whole reason I was doing this as a reward.   The jet ski excursion was awesome, haven’t been on one of those for years.  I then ended up at a pool with a swim up bar (if you haven’t experienced this, you must).  Ordered an $8.00 Mudslide and proceeded to talk with a patron at the swim up bar.  Yep, that just made it more concrete, life is also about rewarding yourself. 

Not only did I do the above, but I milked it even more with a great night out at dinner with a table overlooking the coast. Can you see how good a reward system can be when you plan it out and tell your subconscious mind that you are really on the right track?  It gets your whole fundamental self on board to do great things.


Important Notes for Your Reward System

It is imperative that I make one thing clear.  As you have read my own recent reward, you have got to note that in no shape or form did it lead me into further debt.  This blog is becoming Financially Free as you have already noticed.  Too have gone into debt for my little personal outing would have resulted in ‘stupid’ debt.  Many people do it every day but you don’t want to be one of these people.  So, choose your rewards carefully, there are really no right or wrong rules about doing them, but don’t go overboard either.

Why a Reward System is Critical

Have you been able to adapt and implement your own reward system yet?  If not, don’t worry, there is always time.  However, as an action measure, put this at the highest of your agenda.  Remember, this reward system does not have to relate to your personal finance and financial freedom matters, it can also be personal development, education, business, personal, family and a host of other avenues of where you can link a reward system to.  Ok, so now you have no excuses and you have the skillset to begin, plan some rewards for things you want to accomplish. Remember, those that have a reward system in place really do end up being some of the happiest people on planet earth.  Just make sure to do it in a way that is congruent and healthy to your lifestyle.

Got a reward story of your own?  Have you had good results of implementing a reward system into your own life?

 If so or if you haven’t, I’d love to hear it, so share it with me by commenting.
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