Season the Recession

winterFriend, I don’t think I need to remind anyone that the world is an Economic Downturn or what Economists like to term a ‘Recession’.   We are in a different season in the world.  Our season is winter, where there is hardly any new growth, a period of stagnation.  However, have you noticed that they are certain types of organisms that thrive in the winter season?  I can think of quite a few.  Evergreen trees are a good example.  That is exactly how some companies and proactive individuals are weathering the season.  They are showing growth and success even in the dead of the season.  Resilience is one of their key factors and principles.  They are examples to the masses. 



One of the lessons that you can learn in this recession is to simply take advantage of the recession, as they are many opportunities that didn’t exist for many years.  Stocks, Housing, new opportunities that never existed are but a few that come to mind.  You can decide to wait out the ‘winter’ season or you can pick yourself up, get in gear and prepare for our emergence into our eventual growth season of summer (coming out of recession).  Those that play it safe will lose, and those that take the calculated risks will come out on top.  For every recession, there are those that come out as millionaires and even billionaires for the first time.  So, it’s timing and focus that are key.



Work on yourself during the recession.  Decide to become healthier than ever by exercise, improve your intellectual muscle by reading on successful topics, relax your mind through meditation and find other ways to ‘improve’ yourself.  Decide that even though you may have been a victim of the recession, you will choose not to participate in the recession.  Watch less news, read less papers, become more positive in your outlook, make the most productive use of your time so that you will benefit from our season of winter.

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