25 Must-Have Habits of Self Made Millionaires


  1. They understand and practice the art of saving money
  2. Most are excellent money managers
  3. The majority don’t spend like normal consumers
  4. Money works for them instead of against them
  5. They leverage investments to make them wealthier
  6. Understand the value of the dollar
  7. Philanthropy or giving back is paramount importance
  8. They use interest to make them more money instead of the opposite
  9. Usually, most are excellent Time Managers
  10. Employ the Pareto Principle aka the 80 / 20 Rule
  11. Are excellent producers that sell to people
  12. Understand the importance of Financial Freedom
  13. Practice Delayed Gratification while others struggling with money usually have a must have now attitude
  14. Have Millionaire Mindsets and practice what they preach.
  15. Have a passionate love for what they do
  16. They take calculated risks to leverage their wealth
  17. Most have large emergency funds on hand
  18. They are usually great mentors and pass on their knowledge to others.
  19. They usually very strong family support
  20. Never stop learning and improving their financial education
  21. Make huge returns via compounding because they can invest larger lump sums
  22. Understand that Time is their greatest asset and use it wisely
  23. Truly Pay themselves first
  24. Excellent at setting achievable GOALS
  25. They are relentless / creative and never give up

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