Yes, Making Money Can Be Spiritual!

Please welcome with me a Guest post from Agota  spiritual-moneyBialobzeskyte.

There are many really strange beliefs that are alive and kicking in our society, yet actually make no sense whatsoever.  It’s actually amazing how masses of people never question the so called common sense. Today, I’d like to invite you to take a closer look at my personal favorite amongst the incredibly stupid yet incredibly popular beliefs: that making loads of money is in conflict with spiritual growth (seriously, people, what’s wrong with you?!).


The main problem with this limiting belief is that most people who accept it never question it. They simply go through their lives believing that it’s bad to want more money, that business people are lost souls and that rich people are greedy and plain evil.


 So, what’s the result of limiting beliefs? Most people with this mindset struggle with money all their lives, accumulating more and more resentment towards anything related with money, yet they don’t realize that it’s their own beliefs that are crippling their lives. The saddest thing is that these ideas would never pass a test of critical thinking, yet most people never question them. Is there a point of struggling with money for the rest of your life because of some stupid ideas that you caught somewhere? Not really.


Money equals Freedom.

 Now, please don’t go all philosophical on me, yes, in reality your freedom depends on your state of mind, not on any external factors.


That being said, many people say that they don’t care about money at all, when the facts show that they actually care a lot. When I was working as a waitress in a metal/rock bar, I used to bring business books with me to read on quiet moments.


One day when I was reading one of those books, a fellow waitress asked are these books really interesting to me. I said yes and asked does she find them interesting, to which she replied “No. I don’t think all your life should be based around money. I don’t care about money that much.”. “Okay”, I said and continued reading a book, but what I really wanted to say was “Really? You don’t care about money and yet you work 19-hour shifts?” (yes, you’ve read it right, no, it’s not legal in my country, but it happens). This is a classic example of being delusional about the effect money have on your life: when you work 19-hour shifts in a job that you don’t really like it would be logical to accept that money does affect your life in a very  significant way.


The sad truth is that most people who claim that they don’t care about money make their decisions based on what they can afford, not on what they actually want. They work in the jobs they don’t like. They take vacations they can afford, not the ones they would really want. They buy the house they can afford, not the one they would really want. They let their kids to the university they can afford, not the best university possible. They base their decisions on money and they spend loads of time worrying about it, yet they still claim that they don’t care about money so much. Do you see the logical fallacy here?


 The main benefit of having a lot of money is not the ability to buy luxurious villas and hot cars, it’s the freedom money can give you when it comes to material things. Is there really a point in spending your precious energy focusing on things that are only slightly above of the level of a mere survival your whole life? Not really. What makes much more sense is to take time to learn whatever you need about making money and achieve financial freedom.. And then direct your energy to much more meaningful pursuits than paying your utility bills.


 Money equals Means to Fulfill Your Responsibilities

 When we become adults we gradually take on more and more responsibilities that also have financial aspects. The most obvious example is having kids. When you have kids, it’s your responsibility to provide for them as long as they need it, including paying their living expenses, their college tuition, often chipping in for their weddings, etc.


There are also emergency situations that might happen, e.g. your kids might get injured, you or your partner (or both) might die, etc. It’s not pleasant to think about it, but you have to if you consider having kids, so in case disaster would strike, they wouldn’t be left alone, poor and hungry. This is called responsibility. Sadly, most people who claim that money is not that important are completely irresponsible in this regard and their financial instability is putting not only them, but also their dependents at risk. Does that really sound very noble and spiritual?


Money equals Means to Make a Difference.

 Let’s get real here: making a lot of money and then donating it to worthy causes is one of the most effective ways to make a real difference in this world. It takes 19 cents to feed a hungry child in a third world country for a day. 19 freaking cents. How many kids you could feed with few million dollars?


How many lives you could change for the better? The reality is that there are many people with great ideas and the limiting step in almost every great project is money: almost all noble projects don’t have enough money to develop as fast as they would like to. What makes more sense: to smoke weed all day long talking about spirituality or to make it your goal to make as much money as you can so you could give it to those in need? Hmmmm, I really wonder which one would be more spiritual?.


                It’s your responsibility to becoming rich.

 We live in a world where everyone who is willing to learn and work hard for it can become rich. Most spiritual people think that it’s an inappropriate goal for someone who’s on the right path. I believe that to those of us who really want to change the world for the better, becoming rich is personal responsibility.


There’s no point in wasting your life worrying about paying your bills: this is something we should learn as soon as we can and then move on to the next level, to bigger things. People around you might think you’re shallow and that you’re a lost cause. Ignore them. Don’t let them distract you. There are too many suffering people out there that need you to become rich.



Agota writes a blog,, where she questions the common non-sense, admires compassion, courage and independent thinking and explores ways to get extraordinary results in every area of life. You can follow her Twitter ( :she shares great quotes, interesting links and short insights there everyday! 


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  • Ramjan Karmakar

    Money matters. No matter how much we deny it. We need money
    for everything in life. But the secret behind happiness is how we use that
    money, mere hoarding of money is not the purpose of money. We need to put it to
    some good use. Entrepreneurs use their money to generate employment and that is
    good use of money.

  • Anonymous

    No doubt, money saved should at least be used in an investment tool that pays a higher dividend where you put the law of compounding on your side.