Staying The Course Financially

Staying the Course FinanciallyAs I embark on another vacation, this time to the greater Nevada area, I recently had to reflect the life lessons, self improvement skills and experience to get to this point in life.  Through making the right financial decisions, I can afford to pay for these types of vacations out of pocket without incurring any new debt (read my 30K Foot Blog Post for an entertaining travel to French Polynesia islands). 



Being able to get to this point in many people’s lives usually means whipping out credit cards or at least living above their means.  There are countless others out there like me that actually live life to finally achieve financial freedom that allows them to live unlike most people.


If you’re not already to that point in life, just realize that you can do it too, no matter how much you may currently be in debt.  You can learn how to debt proof your life and also stay the course financially, but it’s not the easy way of life which is why the average person is usually in more than $10,000 of consumer debt alone.  The easy way out is too max yourself out with credit, pay for things you can’t afford and spend close to a lifetime trying to pay it all off.


What makes more sense is to actually work on your money blueprint of what you can actually afford to take on in terms of credit and have a plan to reduce and pay it off earlier than later. You should concentrate on building wealth financially as opposed reducing your wealth. 


I’ve figured a lot on my own as well as through the right financial mentors.  If you’re ready to make a change financially, we don’t have to start from scratch. In fact, there’s already many blueprints of how others made it financially and built a fortune for themselves. 


Much of what I actually blog on has been my own experience and what actually works, not some theoretical based BS that doesn’t work in today’s world.  I’m going to help you out starting today.  Below you’ll find a great round up of posts to get you going financially in the right direction so you can be vacationing somewhere you’ve always wanted to be or simply living a life congruent with your dreams.


Wealth Making Blog Posts:


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42 Ways to Radically Simplify Your Financial Life – Adam Baker, Man vs. debt


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Money Lessons From Millionaires –  WiseBread Blog

Nine Easy Tricks to Cut Your Spending Today – Dumb Little Man Blog

How to Get Rich Quickly – The Simple Dollar

The Invisible Rich – Gail Van-Oxlade Blog

The TRUTH About Money – Rich Dad Blog



Following even a handful of the blog post tips above is almost guaranteed to improve your financial situation and only through good sound self improvement techniques such as these is how you can start to gain traction quickly.



Remember, there’s the easy road that we talked about earlier or the slightly higher road to take to true Financial Freedom.  Which road do you plan to take financially?  No one ever said it was easy but there’s enough success clues left behind by others for you to start making a profound difference almost immediately.


It’s not about feeling alienated about what others will think of how you live, but instead know how you will live like none of them that don’t personally support you.  It’s important to get people like your immediate family on board and even close friends to at least acknowledge that you’re prepared to be making the changes you need financially. 


Those that don’t support you, well, they can go jump off a bridge literally in my opinion.  If they aren’t supporting you, they are hurting your chances of real success later.


There are so many people that would rather see you drinking the night away or shopping till you literally drop.  What about those guys that say you need a million toys in life and yet live paycheck to paycheck because of it?   No, it’s not an easy road but you’ll get there in the end by simply believing and taking action.  In fact, you can get there a lot quicker than you think.


So, stay the course financially, it will be all worth the trouble and your wealth making habits can become permanent that really help for deep rooted success.


 Ok, so let me ask you this, what types of wealth building habits do you employ in your daily life? Join the conversation by commenting below!

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