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Stop Sabotaging Your Life Freedom, Start Saving Now!

LifeStyle Freedom, Saving

Today I wanted to look at the inverse relationship between Life Freedom and one’s finances.  You see, a mismanagement of one of these key areas in life or an imbalance will in turn affect the other one.  You can have “your cake”, but you may not be able to handle the whole cake yourself. According […]

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Living With an Emergency Credit Card!

Living with Emergency Credit Card

I’m a bit flabbergasted with the horrible and unfounded Financial advice that many are given in living with credit cards.  In fact, we are taught in society today that it’s quite normal to carry around a plethora of plastic, pretending to be rich and spending what you don’t have. “Fake it till You Make It” […]

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Becoming ‘Rich’| How Do You Define It?

Becoming Rich

  First off, let me first begin by mentioning that after a long hiatus, we’re back and hard at work to bring you some of the best content from the Financially Elite Blog.Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let me ask you a very personal, yet intriguing question, “What does it mean […]

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Recognizing Bad Financial Decisions And How to Reverse Them


We have all been known to make financial decisions at times and it’s what we do to take action and o­vercome bad financial decisions that will make all the difference.   In fact, this is what makes the difference between perseverance and overcoming vs. an outright failure.    No one said it was an easy […]

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Battling Debt: Life Lessons for Financial Freedom


Now is the right time and good as any other time to really assess how you’re doing with your fight against Debt.   What’s the right formula for getting out of debt? I constantly see with most people where this confuses the heck out of them.  It’s simple, as finally beating debt down has more […]

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InfoGraphic: 10 Ways to Make An Extra $1000 Per Month

10 Ways to Make an Exra $1000 per Month

  Text Version: Ok, before you start thinking that this is going to be some easy get rich scheme by simply pushing a button to make money, think again. In fact, there will be a decent amount of work involved to get you earning that extra $1000 a month, but the rewards can be generous. […]

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Why Your Income is the Golden Goose

Golden Goose

I wanted to really just talk about how so many people today are literally not paying enough attention to their source(s) of income.  You see income in itself will determine either your financial success and build your wealth or living a life of mediocrity from pay check to pay check.  Which life would you choose? […]

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Total Life Freedom by Achieving Financial Freedom


Let me go ahead and ask you a quick question.  What would YOU do if you have almost total lifestyle freedom by Achieving Financial Freedom and ridding yourself of Debt?   Really just take a few minutes and reflect and answer that question by pulling what you know from within.  Your answer might vary from […]

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dEcIpHeRiNg | Wants vs. Needs

wants vs needs

We live in a society that is bent on consumerism and consumables and stuff that we really don’t need.  Really, the media marketing messages have to share a lot of blame in this as they portray products and services that make you believe that you can’t live without. Having said that, it also comes down […]

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What ‘Ari Gold’ from Entourage Could Teach YOU About Staying Alive


I’m talking about health today as enough people don’t put enough emphasis on this aspect of their living.  Being healthy and staying fit with a weekly dose of exercise ties right in with keeping your net worth and building your wealth. Ok, so to track back a few years, I remember watching an older episode […]

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10 Ways to Make An Extra $1000 a Month


Ok, before you start thinking that this is going to be some easy get rich scheme by simply pushing a button to make money, think again.  In fact, there will be a decent amount of work involved to get you earning that extra $1000 a month, but the rewards can be generous. Not to mention, […]

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What’s on My IPOD Playlist….When I’m Jogging


Everyone that works out, does some sort of exercise or just plans to get fit or stay fit needs some sort of kick in the pants.  A form of self motivation or even some ambition is required to kick yourself into high gear and get the ball rolling.  For some people, that may require meditation, […]

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Living a Life Worth Living

living your life

It’s recently come to my attention a while back that most people just coast through life just “trying to make a living”.   I’m also aware of the fact that life can be like a puff of smoke in the whole scheme of things.  I expose this truth not to make you feel depressed, but […]

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Dont Loan People Money – Get RICH in the Process


I might take a lot of bad feedback for this post, but I want to seriously take a look at people that loan people money.  It’s one of the sure fire ways to stop that money working for you and I’ll show you why in a minute or so.   In any case, let me […]

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A Time for Thanksgiving

thanksgiving 2012

As I look back on almost the end of another year, it’s almost imperative that I give thanks and reflect on the blessings of the past year.   In fact, I really do feel and invite you to reflect with me on seeing the gratitude of being thankful for everything. I’m going to ask you […]

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What You Could Learn from the 2012 IronMan Triathlon


  On October 13, I watched with awe at some of the best athletes in the world compete in the 2012 IronMan Triathlon in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii.  This isn’t your normal run of the mill triathlon series.  It’s one of the toughest and gruelling endurance contests that literally put you through the ringer and tests all […]

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Why most “Entrepreneurs” Fail and How to Succeed


It’s been said that “there’s no worst boss at times than working for yourself”.  Interestingly enough, this saying does indeed hold some water and merit. Most Financial gurus out there would tell you that you won’t ever get ahead or get wealthy if you don’t start working for yourself and own your own business.   […]

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The Greatest Investment I’ve Ever Made…


I would like to go ahead and share with you what i’ve been reflecting on lately and it really hit me like a brick to the head on what I consider to be my best investment.  No, it’s definitely what most financial gurus might lead you to believe, but it really should be an imperative part […]

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