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Case Study Complete – I’ve Knocked Out $5000 In Debt !


Fresh off my last case study of knocking out $5000 in Debt, I took a bit of a hiatus on posting the progress and instead decided to work on knocking out the debt as an even higher priority.  Well, needless to say it’s paid off because I have now knocked out the original $5000 worth […]

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4 Reasons Why You Should Change Your Investment Strategy When You Turn 50


Guest Post by Allan Jones Some people make investments early on in their careers. There on in, they do not chop or change much and the returns keep coming. As a person gets older, priorities change and this is why changing investment strategies is important as well. When you are reaching old age, retirement is […]

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3 Steps in Personal Development that Help with Money Matters


Guest Post by Mariana Issues with money or personal finance are some of the most challenging and stressful ones out there. Dealing with money problems can be particularly difficult if you little experience with financial management on your own.    Money is a daunting thing. While it is important to understand the specifics of interest, […]

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