Today, I plan to focus on the trait or principle of Tenacity. Just what it is Tenacity anyway? For those of you that don’t know, it can be summed up from YourDictionary.com as “the quality or state of being tenacious”, it’s synonyms or names that mean the same are: ‘perseverance, obstinacy, resolution; determination, stubbornness’. From this definition, you can see that tenacity is actually a good quality to have. It is a positive trait usually more than a negative one. The problem being that people use tenacity in sentences to make a negative portrayal at times of someone. A good example could be someone saying, “Can you believe the tenacity of that Guy?” or similar.

Tenacity means much more than that when we put it in the right context and apply it properly to our life. It is almost an unwillingness to give up in the pursuit of something. For example, you can be very tenacious if your goal is to someday be wealthy or you may have tenacity to keep pushing forward with a project until you see it through to it’s completion as another example. People in higher positions than you notice others that have a spirit of tenacity about them. Just how do these people know a tenacious person? Usually, because they have a high degree of tenacity or perseverance of their own.

Never giving up

As mentioned earlier, tenacity I almost a stubborn perseverance in achieving something positive in one’s life. We all heard the phrase, “Quitters never win”. That’s exactly what it means to have the Tenacity of Follow-through. If it’s in the workforce, there are many co-workers around that do just what the job entails, a tenacious person goes far and beyond, taking advantage of any opportunities for career advancement and fulfillment. However, it could be a business owner with a very tenacious entrepreneurial spirit, taking his business to the next level.

Practice sowing the seeds of learning how to have tenacity and set those gears in motion. You want to take action and stop being passive. Those who are passive in their lives usually get ‘passed’ over as well. Through the principle of Tenacity and the law of attraction, we can determine to bring those favorable things into our lives that we need for advancement and life worth living.

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  • Tenacity is a forgotten virtue in our time. Everybody’s impatient, we want quick-fixes. It is important to understand that success takes perseverance. 🙂