The Empowerment Mentality


The Wikipedia meaning of empowerment is as follows: “Empowerment refers to increasing the spiritual, political, social or economic strength of individuals and communities. It often involves the empowered developing confidence in their own capacities. In this regard, is there any wonder why we don’t see more empowered people within our society? We live in a society where others look for guidance in helping to define their own lives. While there is nothing wrong with that mentality, if you are striving for autonomy (ability to make an unassisted decision), you want to develop your own empowerment mentality. When we have an empowerment mentality, we allow things to happen and make things happen to our advantage. Ever lead a sports team, a fire drill, an Easter egg hunt and so forth? These all have the qualities of others looking up to a leader to follow. When you have an empowerment mentality, you attract the following of others because they are drawn to your leadership abilities.

Control over your Life

When you have an empowerment mentality, you take life by the reins and start to control crucial aspects of your life rather than waiting for things to happen. Empowerment is a powerful concept in which you switch that part of your subconscious on that helps attract things that you want in your life. It is a confidence that is eluded by many, but there for the taking if one is to practice and embrace it.

Infectious positive behavior

Having an empowerment mentality also is infectious to others noting your behavior. If others see your confidence and leadership abilities of someone that makes things happen, it infects others and tends to bring out the best in them as well. It is a positive, sustainable, and life quality that is admired and will bring out the best in you. I am reminded of a contractor that had an empowerment mentality and drove his crew and empowered them to finish a project in almost half the time.

So start practicing this crucial, and positive part of your ongoing personal development journey and you will see changes / results that you may not have thought were possible. To your Success!

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