The World is Your Oyster

In this day and age of prosperity and abundance, the world really is your oyster. Never before have we become more and more integrated into an almost borderless world. Where man can be in France one day jump on a plane and be in Timbuktu the other. Travel is almost effortless these days and with technology, you don’t even have to physically leave your doorstep. You can be in Florida and talking to a friend in China through a web cam, voice over ip, SMS text, Instant Messenger service and the list goes on. With these benefits of traveling borders without even physically leaving, it’s up to us to really live up to our potential and Attract our Abundance.

Nothing is more mundane than limiting yourself and your beliefs about what is available to you. Like I said earlier, the world is your oyster. Imagine today, one can strike a million dollar deal with someone half way around the world with the right contract and know-how and never even visit the other country. The Internet is also allowing us to cross borders and learn of other cultures and sub-cultures. Remember even 15 years ago? If you wanted to get on the phone to say someone in Taiwan, you would call them on a regular old telephone, be charged an exuberant amount just to connect and be left with a nice hefty bill at the end of the call. Fast-forward to today, you can get that person’s Skype address; connect for free basically through your pc.

If you aren’t technological savvy, take a simple technology class to get you on board. You will get left behind if you aren’t on board technologically. Also, you should also work on traveling throughout the world. The secret is to really get out there and expand your mind. Heck, if you can’t get to another country, visit another state or region. Experience all there is to experience about another place. Get to know the language, the people, learn about the major base of revenue, the major trades, the year round climate and so on. This is currently how so many investors are able to move into a country with their investment capital and do well. You need to really know a country to really get the most out of it.

I remember fondly when I was young; I had a female friend and her friend that actually paid for a trip around the world in the span of over a year. I thought that they were both bonkers for taking all that time to take the time off and the enormous amount of money they would spend for that trip. Looking back now, I think that was a brilliant move on their part. They have seen the world; experienced possibly all there is to learn of different cultures and seen the most exotic areas of the world. Priceless. So, get out there and broaden your horizons to view other parts of the world in one way or another.

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