Total Life Freedom by Achieving Financial Freedom

total-life-freedomLet me go ahead and ask you a quick question.  What would YOU do if you have almost total lifestyle freedom by Achieving Financial Freedom and ridding yourself of Debt?


Really just take a few minutes and reflect and answer that question by pulling what you know from within.  Your answer might vary from what others believe life freedom should be when you’re debt free, but all answers should end up as a complement to yourself. 


In other words, what you gain when you achieve Financial Freedom is priceless.  You will have vast amounts of time / more income and cash flow when you don’t have to sit there and on spend so much money on debt.
Benefits of Achieving Financial Freedom

Here are some great benefits of finally becoming financially independent and getting rid of debt:

  • Live more Freely
  • Cash Flow Improves drastically
  • Better Lifestyle living
  • Better Retirement plan
  • Improves Financial situations
  • Financial Education progresses
  • Be in Position to Give More Freely (Philanthropist)

These are some of the main reasons that I write on Financial Freedom as not only is it a great way of tracking my own progress, but because I get to help others, such as yourself, achieve their own Financial Freedom.


How much better would life feel and be right now if you have that level of financial independence in your life?  My guess is that it could change people’s lives and outlook overnight.  Those caught up in the consumerism of the day are actually the ones that are usually the most trapped.


Planning Out Your Financial Freedom

Some of the best ways to get out of the financial mess that you may have created for yourself would be to first take ownership.  In other words, start to realize it was you why you might be in debt and why it will be you that will get yourself out of it.


Come up with a plan to get out of debt and stick by it.  The first thing you need to do is start living by a budget if you haven’t already done so.  The second thing is to set achievable Financial Goals


In other words, let’s say you were on a sail boat in the vast ocean and you had no sight of land, how would you get to steer your boat to where you would like to arrive?  Working your financial plan is no different.  It’s something you stick by for the long term so that you reap the sensational rewards later.


Two Great Ways Of Getting Rid of Debt

My favourite ways of getting out of debt aren’t easy, but they are doable with a little discipline.  They are:  

1.   Cutting your expenses to find new ways to saving money.

2.   Increasing your earnings / income by learning how to increase cash flow through other supplemental income.


Those two above are great, but there is a 3rd option that I apply to myself that the financial gurus such as Suze Orman e.t.c. don’t touch on.  That 3rd option that I use is Increasing my Value to the World


I was once told that you will be paid according to the value you bring to the marketplace, but it’s also true that if you can affect thousands or millions of lives, you can in turn be handsomely rewarded for it.


So, start working the plan that you put in place for yourself and I hope that you will become a successful case study someday of why you live with total lifestyle freedom.


What’s Your reasons for Achieving Financial Freedom?  Let us know below.



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