TV, the Time Sucker


“I Want my MTV”, how many of you actually remember that infamous video?  We have become a generation where TV has become the baby sitter that has replaced the parental unit.  This is no more evident than in the hilarious comedy, ‘The Cable Guy’, that hammers home the point.  TV has a way of suspending us in an almost passive reality where the TV does the thinking for us.  In my own research, I’ve found that I average anywhere between 1-3 hours of TV daily.  That is down from about 3-5 hours of TV daily.  What’s your daily television viewership?  This can put some perspective back into your life.

Turn off the TV, get animated

Instead of getting TV to tell you how to think and sucking you into it’s world, turn it off and do an alternative form of exercise or hobby.  There are many more ways for you to become a lot more productive in your day.  When we realize how much time TV actually sucks away from us, we can attack the issue of unproductive time.  The point is to actually become active and do something congruent to make you more useful.

From my last few months of research, I’ve identified that watching too much television as my main productivity killer.  Obviously, not everyone will have the same productivity killers in their day.  The important point is to identify where you are losing productive time throughout your day.  You should map out your day and action those items.  Make sure at least a few of these tasks will incrementally make you more successful.  You may want to read my last post, “Procrastinate No More!” to help you become more animated.

Why People Gravitate to TV

According to Nielsen Media Research, the average American watches at least 4 hours of television a day, that equates to about 28 hours in a week or to about 2 months (60 days) of non-stop TV watching per year.  Take into account, many people watch anywhere between 5 -10 hours per day!  The biggest reason that people watch TV is enjoyment and entertainment.  However, they are many that watch TV mindlessly out of sheer boredom.  You must find a balance in your life that keeps you productive.  If you are unemployed and watch say 5 hours or more of TV in day, you have a priority problem.  Get organized and do something productive.

TV costs you more than you Think

Too much TV watching costs you more than you think, not only do you lose productivity, they are also quite a few negatives.  Here are a few:

  • Gaining Extra Weight.  Many people have become overweight and even obese through too much TV.  It has just about become a national and even global epidemic.  Better to have put that time in a gym or exercise to get and stay healthy.
  • Unhealthy Eating.  It’s no secret that many people eat a lot of unhealthy things when watching TV.  Chips and Dip, Pizza, Bon Bons, Soda, BBQ wings, fast food and many other foods are devoured without thought while on the tube.
  • Learning Difficulty.  There have been many studies that suggest that TV takes away from people’s core development and motor skills.  Here’s a disturbing fact: students with television sets in their bedrooms score significantly lower than those who don’t  Any wonder why some kids are failing their FCAT, MCAT and some of the other acronym fortified tests out there?
  • TV eats up your time.  I’ve harped quite a bit on this in the first part of this article, enough said.
  • TV Addiction.  They are increasingly more and more addicts that have replaced good old recreational activities with video games and TV.  8-10 hours daily on the TV can be the norm to feed their addiction.
  • Inactivity / Sedentary Lifestyle of Laziness.  Remember watching TV is a passive habit.  You are sitting usually on a couch, remote in hand and one hand eating pizza.  Getting up and going is the cure.
  • Violence increase. There is almost a direct correlation between those that are more violent and watching violence on TV.  Watching Violet Content can increase violent tendencies as much as 5 times according one study.
  • Attention Problems.  We live in a society of ADD and ADHD disorders coupled with children falling asleep in class because of too much TV.  Need I say more?

Use TV as a Reward

To make the most of your TV viewing, use it as a reward.  Also, look at the TV guide before even watching TV and know exactly what programming to watch.  Once done, get in the habit of turning off the TV instead of channel surfing.  Try to limit your TV viewing to 1-3 Hours max per day and you will see a productive boost in your life.

I hope you enjoyed this post and look forward to your opinions on Television viewing.

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