Twitter Branding Secrets

Twitter Branding

If you haven’t heard about the micro-blogging and web 2.0 social media marvel named Twitter, you might be hiding under a rock.  For those of you that don’t know, Twitter is a phenomenal way of joining into a social media community and connecting with others by updates or ‘Tweets’ at no more than 140 characters at a time.  This is by no means a beginner guide to Twitter, so if you feel you need more on this, just enter Twitter help into your search friend Google.  This post is actually about how you can harness the power of networking of Twitter to maybe brand yourself or your offline or online business.

What I love about Twitter is that it hasn’t turned into this huge capitalistic machine that simply uses giant traffic to monetize itself yet.  In other words, it’s not full of ads like some social media sites as of yet.  However, like any social media site, you need to get used to certain users that do nothing but Spam you with worthless messages.

Contributions – Your keys to success with Twitter

Instead of using Twitter as simply a time waster or micro Tweet everything under the sun, you want to instead use it to bring value to your followers.  When you show values in your Tweets, then you really get listened to and can connect with the right audience.  What is the best way to connect with your peer audience?  Simply do a search for members on Twitter that are tweeting about a certain topic.  If you are an expert on this topic, you should go ahead and follow those users tweeting on the subjects you want to engage in.  By following the right users, the SEO power of Twitter kicks in.  Great users will notice and actually follow you back if you have good things to say or bring some value that they like.  Always remember to tweet off a subject that you are knowledgeable on.  For example, if you went are a time management consultant in your offline business, you should be tweeting on value based subjects that include time management.

Grow your Audience on Twitter
The best and most effective way of growing your audience on Twitter is to keep bringing a valuable contribution everyday.  For example, if you are a time management consultant (like above), you could hold a teleseminar on the best time management tips and generate leads for your business that way.  For effective follows to happen, the people you follow should also be bringing value.  If not, unfollow those people because they will be a waste of tweet space.  If you had say a time management blog, you could for example, post a video on your blog about how effective time management could free up more hours in your day or even allow you to get a raise because of your new found skill set, and then direct your followers to an online or offline resource of yours.  This brings networking relationships to the fore front and actually positions you as an expert.  There are many ways of bringing value to your followers and branding yourself, you just need to think a little outside the realm of tweeting with no real value.

Twitter Techniques
Most people that get started with Twitter get started from a standpoint of making Twitter a social time-waster.  They just tweet about nothing in general with no real purpose.  ‘I’m tying my shoes’ is a perfect example of a great way to lose followers.  The first technique is the easiest which is simply ‘Broadcasting’ your Tweets.  This method is when you just simply do a general tweet and all your followers get to see what you’ve updated them with, the second and less known technique is ‘Networking’.  The networking method involves replying to someone you are following and responding to them with something of value.  For example, a random tweeter of yours posts that he finds comfort in the art of painting for relaxation, you could then reply to that person’s tweet, “Like there is nothing like meditation and personal winding down for relaxing”.  That person will usually see your post and possibly reply to your tweet – this is a good way of networking and building some value and showing you are not a random tweeter.

Another technique involves Retweeting other’s posts if you find them valuable.  If you retweet a post, all your followers see it and also the original tweeter, this in effect builds some trust in the mind of the original tweeter to you. They are usually thankful that you retweeted their tweet and you will usually get their respect.

By building a target audience like this and also showing credibility, you will at some point have a snowball effect because you are bring a lot of value to the table and branding yourself online.  With smart online branding like this, you build relationships and it won’t be long before you can start turning these prospects into paying customers of your business or even growing a significant traffic base to your other site(s) or offline business.  The key is to build relationships first and eventually good things will happen for you.

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