Visualizing Success


To be successful in any endeavor we would like to undertake, it is very important to actually visualize our path to success for that chosen want. When we open our minds eye to the possibility of having success in that area, funny things happen. You start to attract it if it is a strong enough vision attached to the thought we want to attract. Visualizing is a very important and powerful exercise of seeing something so clear and vivid that we can actually see, hear, touch and even feel what we are visualizing. To prove how vivid and clear your visualization skills are, I would like to do a quick little exercise with you. Imagine for a minute, you have a red delicious apple in front of you, pickup the apple and bite into it. Can you taste how the apple tastes even in your imagination? How about an orange? Try the same exercise. Does it taste the same as the apple in your mind or does it taste like an orange?

Want an even more vivid exercise? Try picturing a Lion driving in a brand new Red Ferrari on a mountain road. Can you see it visually in your mind? Of course you can. That’s how powerful our mind mappings are to thoughts. If we can harness those thoughts, we can visualize success appropriately.

Visualize the Outcome you want to achieve

One we have harnessed the power of our mind and ready to visualize success, it is very important to know the outcome in very clear tones of what you want to achieve. Do you see yourself running a marathon or possibly earning a six figure income? Maybe it may just as simple as spending more quality time with your family or taking an exotic vacation. Whatever it is, if you can visualize it, it can be achieved.

Take Action in strengthening your Visualization

Once we know our success outcome, we need to also take the necessary actions to help you achieve your goals. Many people think that once they have their visualization set, that everything will fall in their laps. I’m here to tell you that you need to also help put things in place to help your visualization come through even with the law of attraction on your side. For example, if you want to visualize that you are a world famous juggler, maybe it would be prudent to take juggling 101 and practice! So, with that being said, take time to visualize your outcomes daily and as often as possible. Make it a part of your routine and even visualize your success in different locations. This will increase your odds of attracting that level of success in the area you have chosen. Wishing you the success that you want and deserve.

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