Why Wealth Comes from Within

I was doing a little study of my own the other day and noticed that most people believe that other people get lucky in life and wealth falls into their laps.  Nothing could be further from the truth, in fact, wealth is something that can be invoked through conscious and unconscious thought.

 In other words, becoming wealthy is part of a healthy mindset.  Not saying that those that are very negative or have the wrong attitudes can’t enjoy a windfall of money, but what really happens to those types of personalities?


 For instance, look at those that haven’t had a lot of luck with money yet they end up winning the lottery or inheriting millions of dollars from a rich uncle as a scenario.  If they don’t have the right attitude of investing and growing their money, it’s not long before they actually suffer the wrath of going for broke. 


Ever see how people’s bad money management skills can be misinterpreted as being cursed with money in general?  It’s not that they’re really cursed with money; they just don’t have the right attitude about money or the right method of making money grow for them.  Start to make the right decisions mentally to actually support more money coming into your life and you’ll be amazed at the results.  Sheer determination that positively affects one’s life is usually due to someone taking the bull by the horns and be willing to work as hard as needed to carry you all the way in finally becoming wealthy.


I’m reminded of a nuclear engineer that set out to make the world’s first high pressured water gun.  He worked on the design till it was almost flawless and would shoot large streams of water.  This fun toy has now become the Super Soaker ™ line of popular water guns and accessories. The inventor is now a multi-millionaire many times over.  Can you see how a positive mindset and required ‘right’ action can lead to massive results?

Many people also have the wrong ideas about how to make money.  They believe that they must be a model employee and work themselves to death.  This usually doesn’t end up being too smart in the sense that this thought process usually leads to more burn-out on their part and less monetary rewards for their efforts. 

It’s ok to work harder, but you want leverage instead.  Where your hard work will result in massive leverage and wealth.  I encourage you to think different as it’s what sets apart ‘A’ Type financial personalities from the rest of the world. 


 You’ve got to be willing to invoke the confidence needed to really get the best bang for the buck.  Take real estate for example, many financial analysts and so on will tell you that it might not be a good time to buy real estate in this recession however, there has been more millionaires and billionaires made in down economies than any other time in history.  So, dare to think and be different and set a financial plan to thrive in wealth building.


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