Why You Maybe Broke


I hear someone at least once a day complaining about how broke they are or how they never have any money.  Is there any wonder why these people are broke?  Have you ever analyzed what keeps these people broke?  Do you know that being broke is more of a poverty or scarcity mindset than even a physical reality?  There are many times that these persons actually have money in the bank and still believe themselves to be ‘broke’.

The biggest obstacle to most people’s financial welfare is themselves.  They have so trained their minds to become something negative as opposed to something that supports them.  The negative mind chatter or self talk that constantly reminds them that they are working paycheck to paycheck or they are always broke no matter how much money or abundance they receive.  This is a self sabotaging lifestyle that simply in more ways than one, weakens the individuals spirit, self worth and all around well being.  What is amazing to me is that many of these same culprits of this mindset think it’s somewhat humorous that they are always ‘broke’.

The Biggest Reason that You May Be Broke

If you believe yourself to always be broke, the first thing you need to change is that negative self talk that infiltrates your mind and influences you in the wrong ways.  You want to address this chatter or self talk from the moment it enters your mind.  Instead, you should be telling yourself that “I have a Financially Free mindset” or “I live in abundance” or “I am attracting wealth” and many other affirmation possibilities.  This is the first step in getting your mind right and getting yourself out of the doldrums and see life for what it’s really worth.

Start Building Positive Net Worth

If you are reading this post, you should determine in your mind to distance yourself as far from broke as financially possible.  This means you should start working on building net worth and wealth as soon as possible.  When you have the right positive mindset guiding your financial future as well as the action that builds on your financial future, you suddenly become a beacon attracting wealth.  Get that “I’m Broke” phrase out of your vocabulary for good.  It’s not doing you any good now and it never will.  I really hope you enjoyed this post and if you liked it, make sure to sign up for the RSS feed so that you never miss a new post.  If you haven’t got a Free Copy of my ‘Golden Nuggets, 25 Absolute Steps You Need for Financial Freedom’, you can grab it here as well.

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  • An old wisdom say that we are what we think. I concur with your wisdom here. Before we can change the external, we must first do something with our internal–the mind. 🙂