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Ok, so you maybe interested in guest posting for the Financially Elite Blog.  I actually welcome good writers that like to engage readers and help to build their own authority.

Without further hesitation, here are the guidelines for guest posting on here.

Official Guest Post Guidelines

  • 550 word minimum post
  • Correct grammar, punctuation and spelling should be used.
  • I reserve the right to edit the post for any corrections that need to be done.
  • Your post becomes the property of Financially Elite Blog
  • Post should be on some form of Personal Development (self improvement), Finance, Financial Freedom, debt freedom or very similar.
  • You need to write for readers as opposed to just search engines. If you read other posts on Financially Elite Blog, you will see that the majority of posts are written to read well and resonate with readers.  I have the right to turn away crap posting, so make it great.
  • Your post should be evergreen, in other words, a few years from now, if someone refers to your post, it still shares the same great advice
  • It must be unique and written by you. Cannot be posted anywhere else on the web, including your own site.
  • Can have three links total. 2 links within the body of the subject and 1 link in your bio box at the bottom of the post.
  • No affliate links allowed. Only links that cite sources or could help the reader in reading your article.
  • Willing to promote the post on your side and answer any blog comments that come in.
  • No compensation shall be given, this is for entertainment as well as bringing value to other’s lives while still helping to promote your site or brand.
  • Include a short bio at the end of your post and a link back to your site.  Talk about who you are and what you do in the short Bio section.

Ok, now that we’ve got that out of the way, go ahead and apply to submit your guest post.  Please provide name, email, website or blog, your niche and experience /expertise and a link to an example post of yours by contacting me below:

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Hope to see your post on the Blog,

Dwight Anthony