You’re Stressed! Relax

We live in a time warp type of society, where it seems things are always on demand and needed instantly. This is a society created illusion and not at all based on reality. For example, every generation, there is a new set of society created burdens where people are expected to almost work like cyborgs. You know what I mean. The constant bombardments of the media to have the latest gizmo or you’re not hip, the type of body figure you should be have, people expecting you to create things instantly out of thin air e.t.c. No wonder you’re stressed.

We all go through it and know what it is, yet how many of us really know how to manage stress and use it to our advantage and so on. If you think of your forefathers (from a few generations ago), do you believe they had the amount of stress that our society does now? I think those may have been harder times and people actually worked harder, but I believe the workloads were balanced for time for one’s self and family and greater self discovery than today. We live in a world of constant distractions, an instant coffee and instant microwave meal type of society.

It is important, every day to simply start your mind off right and do some quick meditation and set your attitude from before you even leave your door in the morning. See my posts; Fix your Mind and Meditation/ Relaxation for an excellent primer to get started. So, what do you actually do when you are stressed throughout the day. The most important thing is to see the first tell tale signs. You are usually very perplexed, your breathing more shallow and your pulse usually has quickened. First thing to do, Breathe in a deep breath in slowly, hold it and then exhale slowly as well. Repeat this at least 5 times. You should also repeat some sort of power phrase while doing this as well. “I am totally Relaxed” is usually a good one. See the Learn to Breathe post for a rendition of getting stress out of your mind through breathing techniques.

Second, drink a lot of water. Good old H2O is the best. Do not substitute any other beverage for this. It has been proven that those that get headaches and other ailments are usually a bit dehydrated as well. Drink at least a tall 8 oz. glass of water or two if you can. Third, take a break. If you are busy with something like a report that needs to get out or something similar, take a break from that environment. Go take a brisk 5-minute walk outside or run up and down the stairwell, it doesn’t matter. Give yourself a little time to recuperate. Fourth, do some quick stretches to invigorate your mind and body. Those that get stress related injuries are usually very tense people, don’t be one of them.

I hope you enjoyed this post on how to become more stressed free and it’s important to have some alone and self discovery time every day to accomplish what you need to accomplish throughout the day. Your most important asset is to keep yourself happy and stress free every day for your own personal development. You will be seen different by others, but in a more positive light where you may be able to infect others for good as well. If you enjoyed this post, please feel free to share with friends, family and even other professionals.

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